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  • ขนาด 99 มม. x 66 มม. x 23 มม.
  • แบตเตอรี่แบบ 2A(AA)
  • น้ำหนัก 196กรัม

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Modulation FM (45kHz max. deviation)
Frequency Range 470 – 952 MHz (depending on region)
Tuning Bandwidth up to 77 MHz (depending on region)
Antenna dipole, UR3 housing and attached microphone form the antenna
Carrier frequencies up to 3080, tunable in steps of 25 kHz (depending on region)
Power Requirements two (2) 1.5V AA alkaline
Gain Adjustment Range -10 to +20 dB, MIC or LINE input setting
Pilot Tone 32kHz
Frequency stability ± 0.0015%
Spurious radiation 75 dB below carrier (typical)
Equivalent input noise -127.0dBV, A-weighted  (audio front end)
Max. Audio Input level +24 dBV (Line Input, 0dB gain)
-21 dBV (Mic Input, 0dB gain)
Differential Inputimpedance 6 kΩ LINE Input Setting
3 kΩ MIC Input Setting
System Frequency response 35Hz – 17kHz, (+1.5dB, -3dB)
Note: Overall system frequency response depends on the microphone element and receiver.
High Pass Filter two-pole (12dB per octave), selectable cut off frequency from 40 Hz to 240Hz
System THD+N <0.3%, 1kHz sine wave @ 6dB below clip (line and mic input setting)
System Dynamic Range 107dB typical, Line Mode, A-weighted through a UR4
105dB typical, Mic Mode, A-weighted through a UR4
102dB typical, Line Mode, A-weighted through a UR5
100dB typical, Mic Mode, A-weighted through a UR5
Audio input jack 3-pin female XLR
Pin 1:  Ground
Pin 2:  Hot
Pin 3:  Cold
Phantom Power +48V ± 4V, 7mA max.
+12V ± 1V, 7mA max.


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